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Been a Minute, Blog your Mind

Been a minute since I posted, sorry its taken so long. I’ve just been busy on new projects and ideas. Lately I’ve realized I post, not so much because I want others to hear my “voice” or even comment on my ideas, but really just to hear myself. I think its helpful to blog your mind, ideas, decisions, and rationale. Sometimes you can get so caught up in the world you lose track, and forget why you even started. You forget why you wake up everyday, why you go to work, or why you started that project. You don’t want to forget these things. Its important to stay focused and remember whats important in life. This goes for all things we value. Whats important is family, creating meaning, love, learning and sharing. Anyway thats whats on my mind for today. 

Cause I’m thinking ‘bout me, weeks in Dubai, Fourth of July, house in Kauai, yeah we can try, So lets try

Why You Shouldn’t Be A Doctor Or Accountant And What To Do If You Already Are! Part I

As some of you may already know, I’ve been dabbling in the world of machine learning and neuroscience. I’ve been working on a lot of projects that involve emulating the brain ( I’ve also posted before my ideas and the ideas of other great minds ;) on the creative and AI revolution era that is well upon us. Today we are moving further into that era with the announcement of IBM opening up its Watson Cognitive Computer to developers!

If you don’t already know, Watson is the “brain” that beat the world jeopardy championships a few years ago. It’s also as smart as a 2nd year medical student! That was the past, but think of the future and the benefits this will have for the world. The title of this post is a bit misleading, I must say. I don’t really think doctors and accountants will become extinct, but the roles they now have will change tremendously! I believe computer programs like Watson will only become smarter and more intelligent, thus being able to complete a wide variety of tasks. From diagnosing patients, to calculating earnings and taxes, as well even creating music and art. This will happen sooner than we think.

The roles humans will have will continuously have to become more creative and less repetitive. These machines will assist us in helping the world become a better place either through improving our health, eliminating poverty, or creating beauty in our hearts through art and music. 

To better prepare for this future and keep up, I think we will all need to focus on developing our creative skills, computer skills, and learning skills. The future is bright for everyone as long as we are willing to learn and create.

In my next post, I plan to make a list of possible resources to help better prepare for this future!

How To Create A Brain

So its been quite while since I’ve last posted! Sorry for whoever has been somewhat following me :) I’ve been super busy working on many projects. Today I’m happy to announce I have found my true calling, what I am truly passionate about and what I am going to focus the rest of my “fun” career on. (I say fun career because, its not my really actual career (finance), for now anyway!) lol

I am going to be blunt about it! I am creating a brain! haha and I know that sounds to some of you, probably most of you, out of this world, impossible, will never happen. But nothing is impossible! First give me a chance to explain how I have come around to working on this new exciting project. 

I first became intrigued with the idea of algorithms, how they are ruling are world, and automating many of the tasks that humans do so routinely. Some of the most sophisticated algorithms can be found in of course google’s search engine, or amazon’s pricing system, as well as the large algorithmic trading firms on Wall Street. Over 50% of the volume traded on Wall Street are algorithms, not humans. I read an interesting book on the subject, so creatively called, “Automate This” by Christopher Steiner. haha I highly recommend this book for anyone thinking about our future and what is to come. After reading this I got stuck in the world of algo programming learning basically about how to automate many different repetitive tasks. 

But this became not intriguing or passionate enough for me. I wanted to work on a world changing project, no a universe changing project! Many programmers have already automated many tasks, there are already many, much smarter, PhD level, scientists working on these problems everyday. I wanted to work on something new, innovative, something that not many people have experience in.

If you look across the competitive landscape today, what skill set is in most demand? App development! Everyone wants to hire someone who can build either IOS or Android Apps. Every programmer wants to learn  java or objective C. Companies are hiring these skills left and right. See the problem with this is industries and skills are like a roller coaster. They go up and down, markets go up and down. If you look back to 2007-2008 what is in demand finance, if you go back further, website development, then back to the 80s, finance. To be successful, you have to constantly be thinking ahead of the curve, I’m talking not 3 steps ahead, 10 steps ahead. You need to be working on projects that will come to life in the next 5-10 years. 

I came across two interesting audio books, that I highly recommend! titled “How to create a mind” by Ray Kurzweil and “On Intelligence” by Jeff Hawkins. These two books will change your life! You will never look at the world in the same way. This post is getting way to long, so maybe I’ll make a part II. But for now, after reading these books, I have found that this is the future and I intend on building it! The universe is our playground, continue to learn, love and have fun! In the end this is all that matters!